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                中文 English

                To keep machine accuarcy and reliable performance

                • Process Control

                  Neway imported world first class processing equipment like Switzerland SIP boring and milling centers, Switzerland KELLENBERGER universal grinding machines, Italy FAVRETTO grinding machines, Germany STARRAGHECKERT milling centers, Spain ZAYER double column milling centers and etc. to ensure the products with accurate parts and best performance.

                • Inspection Devices

                  Neway appreciates advanced science and technology as well as quality control. Germang Schenck dynamic balance machine;Britain Renishaw laser interfere machine,;Germain Mahr roundness,outline and roughness testeretc. and all other necessary devices.

                • Processing

                  From the very beginning,the strict control flow will follow to ensure all the products be perfect.


                Process Control

                • FB131H Testing

                • Laser inspection

                • Professional scrap work-2

                • Professional scrap work-1

                • Fixed torque

                • Pulley strength testing

                Inspection Devices

                • Mahr outline tester

                • Mahr roundness tester

                • Schenck dynamic balancing system

                • Microscope

                • Renishaw Interferometer

                • Ball Bar Testing Device


                • FAVRETTO grinding machine-8M

                • FAVRETTO grinding machine-12M

                • KELLENBERGER Grinding machine

                • SIP boring and milling center

                • STARRAGHECKERT milling center

                • ZAYER Gantry machining center-1


                Neway CNC research institute employs many senior specialists and professional experts with 37 patents. All CNC products were approved as high tech products of the province.

                Neway continuously works together with important China colleges and offers exercitation for college graduates and undergraduates.


                Neway's Quality assurance target is to produce machines with zero defects. Neway practices 6 management system.