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                • ERP SYSTEM

                  Neway started to use ERP system in 2003 and changed to Germain SAP in 2008.

                • management system

                  Warehouse storage barcode logistic management system is based on barcode technology. The full traceability management through out whole process of storage is realized via barcode scanner, reader and data source collection after integrated management in the resource management system. It set up a system of targeted management information system and solves the problems of storage and transportation.

                • supplier management

                  For the purpose of quality control, strict management is practiced over suppliers. Neway offers know-how and management to suppliers and supervise the suppliers to perform strengthened quality control and promote the quality product concept.Neway set up global purchasing system and performs purchasing globally. CNC system, ball screw, guideway, bearing, spindle, turret, rotary table and magazine are all imported directly from places of origin. Neway manages lifespan of products and trace the life of products. All problems are traceable and solvable.