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                Research Institute

                NEWAY CNC Equipment Research Institute

                NEWAY CNC North America


                Neway CNC Equipment Research Institute works in developing advanced CNC machinery. More than one hundred top research engineers in the field work for this purpose and the number should exceeds 300 within several years. The Institute is comprised of 7 R&D departments, five mechanic departments, one synthesis department and one electric control department, All products are designed with optimized 3 dimensions and analyzed by ANSYS finite method before SAP system production.

                   US Technology Center (Neway CNC North America) designs and develops machines together with Neway Research Institute in order to meet specific requirement from customers of all corners of the world.

                • Neway CNC Equipment Research Institute researches and develops top quality machines and targets at multi axes, integrated and specialized CNC machines. There shall be 300 engineers in several years and become one of the most important R&D bases in china.

                • Neway R&D engineers set up mechanical modules and analyze the static rigidity, vibration characteristics and thermal characteristics to acquire more precise data and ensure quality products.Product structure is optimized with the help of analysissitus, shape and dimension analysis.