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                PM Series HB Portal Machining Center

                PM Series HB Portal Machining Center
                • Product Overview
                • Product features
                • Technical Parameters

                  HB series

                  01、Integral structure

                  Large size components are of resin sand cast iron with high tensile strength, finite element analyzed, rigid and able to perform high torque cut.

                  02、machine bed guide rail

                  Imported roller linear guide rail, PM20H and smaller size machines are designed with bi-rails, PM25H and above with a quadriad of rails. The machine is strong with good dynamic performance and long rail life span.

                  03、beam guide rail

                  Heavy duty linear guide rail with nice dynamic cutting performance, creepless at low speed.

                  04、spindle box

                  450 x 500mm T ram with belt drive, stable processing performance. The carrier is lubrication strengthened with inlay plastic.

                  Need to see more product information or to request high-quality printed copy,please contact us

                  Portal frame structure, traveling worktable (X axis), spindle box traveling (Z axis), saddle traveling on the beam (Y axis), square ram design and twice speed reducing with retarders offer low speed constant torque and high speed constant power cutting. High speed, acuracy, agility, To be used for ferrous and nonferrous metal process. Recommend for civil aviation, vehicle,  resource, IT and pattern industries.

                  Woktable Sizemm1600 x 20001600 x 30001600 x 4000
                  Max loading capacitykg80001000012000
                  Woktable travel (X axis)mm220032004200
                  Ram travel (Y axis)mm210021002100
                  Spindle box travel (Z axis)mm100010001000
                  Spindle face to worktablemm200 ~1200200 ~1200200 ~1200
                  Distance between two columnsmm220022002200
                  Spindle taper BT50BT50BT50
                  Spindle speedr/min.40 ~ 600040 ~ 600040 ~ 6000
                  Max torqueN.m525/647525/647525/647
                  Spindle motor powerkw15/18.515/18.515/18.5
                  Ram sectionmm400 x 400400 x 400400 x 400
                  X / Y / Z axis rapid speedm/min.12/15/1512/15/1512/15/15
                  Automatic Tool Change Standard (ATC ARM TYPE)pc24 tools
                  Max tool diameter/lenght/weightmm/mm/kg105/350/15105/350/15105/350/15
                  Max tool diameter (empty neighbor cell)mm200200200
                  Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z)mm0.016/0.016/0.0160.020/0.016/0.0160.025/0.016/0.016
                  Repositioning accuracy (X/Y/Z)mm0.010/0.010/0.0100.012/0.010/0.0100.016/0.010/0.010
                  Lubrication oil cooling system and cutting coolant


                  CNC system 

                  NEWAY FANUC / SIEMENS

                  Machine weightkg280003000035000

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