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                Valve Production Line

                Valve Production Line
                • Product Overview
                • Product features
                • Technical Parameters
                  Valve processing line composed of a VM903H vertical milling machine, a NL502SA turning machine and a mounting and demounting robot. VM903H is equipped with 4th axis and fixtures for valve mounting positioning for 3 side process. NL502SA is equipped with unique indexing chuck. Mounting and demounting job is taken care of by the robot, part carrying conveyor,robot control system and auxiliary system.

                  typical workpiece
                  Valve body
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                  01、Robot with excellent performance

                  Compact structure design , no motor on Mechanical joint ,6 axis joint movement .all axis with RV speed gear box , high performance FANUC servo system , reposition accuracy :±0.07.

                  02、complex manipulator

                  The robot picks up a finished part and replaces it with a rough part.

                  03、workpiece mount storage

                  Auto mount and dismount workpiece , quick and convenient.

                  04、random inspection

                  inspection, distinguish quality products and rejected ones.

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