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                Automobile Rear Wheel Hub Production Line

                Automobile Rear Wheel Hub Production Line
                • Product Overview
                • Product features
                • Technical Parameters
                  The production line is composed of 2 NL322H turning machines, a VMW903H vertical milling center and a truss mounting and demounting system. NL322H is equipped with specially made chuck jaws and VM903H with special fixture for hub positioning. The truss mounting and demounting system is composed of a truss mechanical part catcher, revolving part line, part tumbler, robot control system and auxiliary system.

                  typical workpiece
                  Wheel hub
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                  01、prominent trusswork production line

                  X axis traverse speed adjustable between 80-120m/min; Z axis 50-130m/min.

                  02、compound manipulator

                  Pneumatic manipulator, swings 90 degree.

                  03、loading and unloading

                  Need one worker loading/unloading/inspecting here.

                  04、inspection device

                  The tumbler in controlled by a pneumatic device to turn 180 degrees for machining the other side.

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