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                Automobile Engine Production Line

                Automobile Engine Production Line
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                  This project is designed to process automobile engine,the cusotmers asks for a turn key package for its processing accuracy and the requirement for the stability.HM634HP horizontal working center, fixtures, tools and truss part carrier are all designed by Neway. The customer is satisfied with the design and the production line after large quantity test production.


                  Automobile engine
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                  01. Truss part carrier with excellent performance

                  X/Z axis traverse speed is adjustable as per part weight and catcher size. Generally, X axis 80~210 m/min, Z axis 50~130m/min.

                  02. Multi-function catcher

                  Pneumatic multi-function catcher turns 90 degrees with buffer function, and may work on other machines as well.

                  03. Revolving line

                  May place several parts to revolve, a single worker may mount and demount parts. With part stopper and inspection device.

                  04. Inspection desk

                  The pneumatic tumbling device is situated between 2 machines tumbling part by 180 degrees.

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