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                  Civil aviation industries use a great deal of helicopters, autogiros, rockets, space shuttles and planet explorers as typical aerocraft. Airplane is the closest to our everyday life and mostly used in the air.    

                  Civil aviation industry are usually complicated in structure, various in raw material, different in properties and need precise, stable and full function machines. Neway machines are graceful in shape, quick response, stable system, precise, higher torque and simultaneous multi axes operation. We also offer on-the-spot inspection design for customers.

                  • Aeroplane Wings

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                      1. composite material, difficult to process
                      2. thin wall, easy to deform
                      3. strict positioning and shape tolerance requirement
                      4. complicated shape, bevel angle, double curved surfaces, strict shape requirement.
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                      Model recommended:

                      PM2560U double column milling center
                      Basic requirement:
                      1. Synchronized 5 axes milling center,
                      2. Machine equipped with high speed German electric motor and A/C swivel head,
                      3. Heavy duty roller guide ways, less friction and vibrication, heavy load power and high positioning accuracy, crawless,
                      4. Key parts are FEA analysed with reasonable rib supports,
                      5. High performance EIDENHAIN ITNC640 control system ensures the stable control over the machine and and process function and auxiliary function
                      6. X/Y/Z are equipped with EIDENHAIN feedin motor, stable and reliable
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                      Synchronized 5 axes milling center, 2 processes on each side
                      OP10:rough maccining on back side
                      OP20:rough machining on front side
                      OP30:fine machining on back side
                      OP40:fine machining on front side