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                  Along with the rapid development of IT industry, electric industry needs production equipment in large quantity. Integrated circuit equipment, electronic parts equipment, SMT parts production and pasting equipment, PCB printing circuit equipment, electronic pattern, electronic tools, electric tooling etc are included.    

                  Electronic industry requires CNC machines for small parts production. Neway small size vertical machine centers are designed with stable and of high speed. Full function turning machine with linear tools and vertical machine center with high speed direct drive spindle shall meet the needs of processes in electronic industry.

                  • LCD Shell

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                      1. super thin wall and large size aluminium parts
                      2. there is no fastening positions.
                      3. easy to deform during fixturing and process
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                      Model recommended:

                      VM903HL Vertical Milling Center
                      1. 12000rpm direct connection spindle;
                      2. fast traverse speed 40/40/36m/min
                      3. CNC-250 rotary table with live tailstock;
                      4. light cutting
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                      OP10:use vaccum sucker to hold part avoiding part clamping deformation, process the plain and holes, use rotary table to process the holes on both sides, high speed, fast tool travel to avoid process deformation.